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FFA, llc.

Coral Springs, FL

Helping people thru hard times

In the midst of the housing crisis, Florida’s Foreclosure Alternative stood out among the mortgage lenders in helping homeowners stay in their homes rather than going through foreclosure. We helped them create a visually strong identity and verbal messaging that spoke to the fears of those undergoing financial hardships.

The FFA’s marketing technique was to speak to homeowners directly and create relationships rather than prey on victims of the mortgage bubble. We assisted them in creating a door-to-door campaign kit that focused on the positives of an alternate way to keep homeowners from losing their most valuable possession and equity. The outcome helped to put FFA at the top of mind when mortgage lenders were not capable of helping those in need.

FFA also promoted their relationship-oriented business model at a small-business tradeshow which required us to design a portable booth structure for a brand presence as well as corporate wear for the FFA staff to wear going door-to-door.