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EA Convocation 2020

National Gathering

Building and Encouraging One Another.

Each year, the Evangelical Association of Reformed and Congregational Churches (EA), come together to equip and encourage one another in the building up of the church. They are a growing, national association of churches, ministers, and believers networking together to further the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The 2020 Convocation is being held at the only EA Church in New England. The theme for the gathering is based upon the Scripture found in 1 Peter 2:5 about each individual is a living stone that builds up the Body of Christ. The identity we designed for the national group showcases a typographic formation of stones and takes from the inspiration that New England has many stone walls as its foundation.

The 2020 Convocation is promoted through a short video created by animated typography in order to fit within the budget. Inside the welcome brochure, the theme is carried through with the use of stone wall photography and the wave-shaped icon which has become a brand identifier of its own.