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Crossroads YG

Northwestern, CT

Youth hands on mission. 

The Crossroads YG is a high-school-age group of Christian young adults who look for ways to serve in their community and regional areas. Alongside YouthWorks, the group had to raise funds for their most recent trip in 2019.

There are statistics that say when Millennials are put on a task, on a mission they grow. The Crossroads YG is no different, They have a heart for service and when placed in service, they blossom.

Working alongside the youth, WITH strategized a mission launch and raised the needed finances in one day. Those who contributed to the campaign could become a Mission Sponsor as well as a Prayer Partner for the length of the week-long mission trip. A guide was designed to share with them a prayer that they could offer each day of the week. The CRYG Mission launch included a mission promo video using still photography and animated typography.